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Integrating our expertise into your operations, where global experience meets with dynamic solutions

team's rich tapestry
About us
We are a dynamic and multifaceted team of professionals, each bringing a unique blend of expertise from an array of global experiences and industries. Our diverse backgrounds span a comprehensive range of sectors including Financial Services, Insurance, Banking, Retail, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Automotive, and Manufacturing.

As a team of highly analytical and data-driven consultants, we specialize in strategy,  commercial and finance operations.

Our extensive experience as key operational leaders and executives, built over three decades across various industries, has endowed us with a profound understanding of business environments. This deep-rooted experience and expertise enable us to provide customized, high-impact solutions tailored to each unique business challenge.

Grounded in thorough analysis and profound insights, we equip organizations to overcome intricate challenges and secure enduring growth. Our expertise, spanning diverse industries, catalyzes transformative changes, ensuring significant and lasting impacts.  

Board Members
Zeynep Uluocak

Zeynep Uluocak

Managing Director, Partner 

Zeynep, with her 27 years of robust business experience, is a multidisciplinary professional known for her dynamic roles as both a consultant and a business executive.

 Gokhan Unuvar

Gokhan Unuvar  PhD, CPA 

CFO, Partner

With 28 years of diverse experience in the finance operations, Gokhan is a multidisciplinary financial executive, proficient in various recognized manufacturing and service industries. 

What Makes Our Pulse Unique
Specialized Finance Expertise to unlock your profit potentials

We leverage our three decades of deep financial expertise, to swiftly analyze your financials, pinpoint profit leakages, and craft effective strategies, directly enhancing top and bottom line incomes for impactful results

Deep understanding of your business

With a wealth of global experience, we navigate diverse markets and customer needs adeptly.
This deep understanding enables us to not only participate but innovate and lead, continually expanding the horizons of possibility.

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What Makes Our Pulse Unique
Decades of Hands-On Commercial, Business and Strategic Expertise
Pragmatic, Quick Win Solutions

At the heart of our strategic consultancy is a team that doesn't just theorize but has proven success in the field. We are not merely a theoretical consultancy firm; we bring you a amassed from over 30 years of senior management roles within major corporations, infused with our success stories. We provide you with hands-on, practical consulting services that produce results

We craft practical and transformative growth roadmaps that lead to tangible results. We are creators and amplifiers of brands, bringing an experience that transcends traditional consultancy to deliver pragmatic, result driven solutions right to your doorstep.

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