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Experience the Lifestyle with Benntmond Brands

Our Brand Portfolio

We are proud to present a diverse selection of brands that span across various domains of everyday life, from enhancing your living space to taking care of your personal wellness.

Each of our partner brands is carefully chosen for its exceptional quality, commitment to sustainability, and the genuine value it brings to your life.

Our brands are dedicated to enriching your daily experience, offering a premium selection of home decor, personal care, and nutrition products designed to elevate the quality and comfort of your life.

Healthy living solutions

Healthy living solutions

Pure'n Fit, brand is the provider of healthy and nutritional foods.
We are dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle through our carefully selected range of organic foods.

Driven by our passion for wellness and a steadfast commitment to quality, our goal is to introduce European brands to Australia, contributing to the health and nutritional lifestyles of Australians.

Style solutions for every home

At Belle Vie, our aim is to partner with premium manufacturers to introduce a carefully chosen selection of home decor items to the Australian market, aiming to meet local needs with quality, style, and comfort.

We are currently in the thoughtful process of selecting the right manufacturing partners to ensure that every item we offer is made from premium materials. Our goal is to provide functional yet aesthetically pleasing decor that enhances the comfort and elegance of your living spaces. 

Style solutions for every home

Artdesigna - Wall Decoration Solutions

ArtDesigna specializes in creating stunning glass wall art, offering a wide range of products including vertical, horizontal, square, and rounded glass art, as well as tabletop photo tiles and custom creative glass boards. Artdesigna collections spans various styles such as abstract, modern & contemporary, landscapes & nature, motivational themes, including customizable wall art solutions 


Elevate Your Living Experience with Our Thoughtfully Curated Selection of Home Decor, Nutritious Foods, and Quality Home Care Items

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