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Accelerating Business Growth Through Innovative Strategies, Actionable Insights, And Empowering Tools

We empower key operational teams to become strategic leaders, driving transformative change and fostering sustainable growth within their organizations


Redefining Consultancy with Innovative Solutions

for Strategic Success


In the rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations encounter various hurdles in developing data-driven strategies and outlining a path for growth. Many companies rely on consultants to pinpoint areas of underperformance and key drivers of growth. However, a significant barrier is the expense involved in engaging traditional consultants. The fees levied by consulting firms can be exorbitant for numerous businesses, particularly small ones with constrained budgets. Moreover, the process of selecting and integrating the appropriate consultants can consume considerable time, redirecting essential resources from other vital operations.

Furthermore, relying solely on external consultants may not always be the most effective approach. While consultants bring valuable expertise and insights to the table, they may lack an intimate understanding of the intricacies of the organization's operations and culture. This can lead to recommendations that are not fully aligned with the business's unique needs and objectives.

We recognize these challenges and have developed a solution that empowers businesses to overcome them. Workease™, a Benntmond Group brand, offers comprehensive suite of services that is designed to provide organizations with the tools, resources, and support they need to drive growth and achieve their strategic goals—without the high costs and time-consuming processes associated with traditional consultancy firms.

Workease™ Business Diagnostic Tools and Templates enable businesses to identify and analyze key challenges and opportunities quickly. These tools provide a structured framework for assessing financial health, analyzing market trends, and evaluating internal processes, empowering leaders to make informed decisions and drive meaningful change.

Additionally, our Strategizer Tools and Templates help businesses develop clear and actionable plans for achieving their long-term objectives. From defining strategic goals to identifying potential risks and opportunities, our tools provide a roadmap for success that aligns with the organization's unique needs and objectives.

In addition to our templated solutions, we offer personalized consultancy services led by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in business strategy, operations, and technology. Our consultancy services provide clients with expert guidance and support tailored to their specific needs and objectives, ensuring maximum value and impact.

With Workease, businesses can unlock their full potential and achieve sustainable growth—empowering leaders to think like consultants and drive impactful change from within.

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Consulting Services 

We offer a complete range of services to empower businesses in reaching their strategic goals and fostering sustainable growth. Focused on cultivating a consultant mindset among business managers and operational leaders, our suite includes customized tools, templates, and consultancy services, addressing the varied needs of modern organizations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize consultancy by equipping business managers and operational leaders with the resources they need to become self-sufficient consultants. We believe that every individual within an organization has the potential to drive meaningful change, and we're committed to providing the tools and support necessary to unlock that potential.

What sets us Apart

Unlike traditional consultancy firms, We empowers clients to take ownership of their business challenges and opportunities. Our remote tools and templates are designed to be accessible and user-friendly, allowing managers and leaders to leverage their intimate knowledge of their organization's intricacies to drive informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Why Choose us

Transformative leadership

We empowering internal capacities to shape their own futures. We are committed to equipping our clients with the tools and insights they need to steer their own futures and enact significant transformations within their organizations

Extensive Experience 

Our team of seasoned professionals brings decades of collective experience in business consultancy, ensuring that our tools and templates are backed by industry-leading expertise and best practices.


We measure our success by the success of our clients. Our tools are designed to deliver tangible results, enabling organizations to achieve their goals and thrive in today's competitive business landscape.

Comprehensive Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of services encompassing diagnostic tools, strategizer templates, and consultancy services, providing businesses with everything they need to drive success.

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Our Approach


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Comprehensive Tools

 We offer a suite of comprehensive and complex tools and templates that cover a wide range of business functions and scenarios, from financial analysis to market research and beyond.

Remote Access

Our tools are accessible remotely, allowing

clients to collaborate and strategize from anywhere, at any time, without the need for costly and time-consuming on-site consultations.


Workease is more than just a consultancy—we're a catalyst for empowerment. By providing the tools and resources necessary for self-sufficiency, we enable our clients to become their own business consultants, driving sustainable growth and development from within.

Get Started Today

Ready to take the next step in your organization's journey and unlock your organization's full potential?

Explore our range of tools and templates today to discover how Workease, a brand of Benntmond, can help you unlock new opportunities, overcome challenges, and achieve your strategic objectives.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve your strategic objectives.

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